How Travel Can Make You a Happier Person

There are many ways travel can make you a happier person. Basically, traveling increases your mental well-being. Whether you travel for leisure or business, you can come back home happier than you were when leaving. Here are some of the ways travel can make you a happier person.

Boosting Your Self-Confidence

When you travel, you are likely to face unexpected situations that you have to deal with. This happens even for people that take time to plan their trips. But, regardless of how bad a situation seems, you have to deal with it. Your ability to do this can boost your self-confidence significantly.

Happiness is Generally Infectious

Traveling to exotic places gives you a chance to meet and interact with friendly, smiling and happy locals. The effect of this is an immediate knock-on. When you spend time with cheerful and friendly locals, you also leave them a happy person. Naturally, it’s difficult to be annoyed when you spend time with people with beaming smiles.

You Appreciate Home and Family

It’s easy to take home and family for granted some time. When you travel, you spend some time away from home and family as well as close friends. This makes you appreciate them and look forward to go back home and be with your family and friends.

Making New Friends

Making new friends is easier when on the road than when at home. Travelers have less boundaries and making new friends becomes easier. Traveling gives you a chance to make new friends when asking for directions, in a bus, or even in a club.

Getting Some Alone Time

There are times when you just want to have some time alone. Traveling gives you a chance to have a breathing space that you may not get in your usual environment. You can take this chance to go to a quiet and peaceful place. You escape the tension and stress that you may be used to back at home.

Basically, there are many ways travel can make you a happier person. Even anticipation and planning alone can make you happy. Therefore, plan to travel more often to enhance your happiness.…

Things to Expect when You Travel with Beards

If you have grown beards, like pictured above, Mr Arturo Terr, one of the best bloggers and professional roofers in San Antonio Texas, then you probably want to know what to expect when you travel. Many people love the idea of being clean-shaven. Therefore, such people will have different perceptions of travelers with beards. Here are some of the things to expect when you travel with beards.

Instant Respect

Well-maintained beards are epic. Basically, not everybody is capable of growing beards and most people don’t have guts to keep beards. What’s more, getting past the stage where beards are itchy is not easy. Therefore, when you travel with beards you get instant respect from people that have difficulties growing them.

Curious Locals

Basically, you will get a better local experience when you travel with beards. Some locals will actually want to reach out to you and touch your beards. It may sound hilarious but you will have a chance to interact with more curious locals.

Photography Opps

Maybe you expect this to happen in a bar. However, you will find more people want to take photos with you when you travel with beards. This makes traveling more fun as people request to take photos with you just because of beards.

Grooming Opportunities

When you grow beards, you can opt to go freestyle. However, you will get to a place where there are good beard trims specialists. This allows you a chance to interact with the locals and get their views about growing beards.

Influence Perceptions

In some places, beards are a sign of great leadership skills. For instance, when you travel to Russia with beards, people will see you as a hearty leader. Although many leaders have moved on, they have statues that display beards proudly.

These are just some of the things to expect when you travel with beards. Therefore, be open-minded and ready to interact with people that will be curious about your beards.

Ways to See the World For Free

Ways to See the World For Free

With the rapidly increasing airfares and hotel costs, most people find it hard to travel the world the way they desire. Perhaps, you are a travel enthusiast. Maybe you are just curious to explore different landscapes. However, you may not have enough money to make frequent trips to different destinations. Whatever the case, there are several ways via which you can see the world for free. Here are some of the activities that can help you explore the world without spending a fortune.

Temporary House Sitting

Most homeowners often hire house sitters to take care of their homes while they are away on vacation or business. In fact, there are professional companies that connect homeowners with travelers from different parts of the world. Taking the job of a temporary house sitter can offer you great opportunities to explore different landscapes while also getting paid. If you want to see the world without spending a cent, consider this option.

Work Exchange Programs

This is an incredible way to work and play at the same time. An example of work exchange programs is one that allows people to work on organic farms in exchange for boardrooms. Another option is a program that recruits volunteers for five hours a day, five days a week doing tasks like babysitting, paperwork and farming. Work exchange programs enable travelers to acquire new skills and visit new places frequently at no cost.

Working in Hostels

There are many hostel operators in major cities around the world that offer opportunities to get free accommodations in exchange for services. If you are comfortable with working in a hostel, you can volunteer for such opportunities. For travelers that wish to stay longer, they can get other jobs. These include working as yoga instructors or receptionists.

Travel Blogging

Travel blogging is undoubtedly one of the best ways to see the world for free. Starting a blog is free. Just develop your blog to a standard that attracts many readers. That way, you will easily land opportunities for fully paid press trips around the world. In addition to having a passion for traveling and writing, you will need to do more to build a successful travel blog. Nevertheless, your blog can eventually bring you income that will pay for all your travel expenses.

Follow these tips to see the world for free and enjoy a more fulfilling experience.

Bank Accounts that Every Traveler Should Have

International financial fraud has increased rapidly over the recent years. Many travelers have shared horror stories after criminals drained their bank accounts. That’s why smart travelers prepare for the worst-case scenarios before they leave their countries. To do so, they open the following bank accounts when traveling.

Personal Checking Account

This is the account that a traveler uses for personal purposes. You can use this account to pay for anything that relates to traveling including bills. A traveler can also use this account as their emergency backup in case their Travel Checking Account is compromised while traveling. Many travelers lock the ATM card for this account in a hotel or hostel safe. Some hind it in their backpack while traveling.

Travel Checking Account

Travelers use this account to pay travel expenses. It’s the most ideal account to withdraw money from via ATMs. It’s wise for a traveler to avoid carrying over $1000 in the Travel Checking Account. That’s because if the details of the ATM card for this account are stolen or if you are kidnapped, you can halt your trip completely. Thieves can get money from you but if you have a limited amount in this account, you can minimize losses.

Savings Account

A Savings Account is the best place for a traveler to keep their travel money. That’s because it does not have an ATM card that can be stolen and the money in this account earns interest. It’s also possible to replenish the money in this account if it gets too low. You can also link this account to a Personal Checking Account. This is very important in case your Travel Account is compromised or when waiting for your ATM card to be replaced.

When a traveler has these bank accounts, they have nothing to worry about regardless of the scenario. With these accounts, you can still have money whether you lose one ATM card or when it malfunctions.