A Guide for Traveling with Disability

I once had a conversation with a friend of mine that own HotelHideout.com and he told me that it’s estimated that there are about 37.5 million people in the U.S with disability. However, disability should not hinder you from traveling. You just need to plan in advance and take appropriate measures to ensure a safe and successful travel.

Plan in Advance

Whether physical disability is temporary or permanent, challenges are the same. Although many countries require transportation, cruise ships and hotels to be ADA-compliant; do not assume that this will be the case everywhere. Therefore, conduct a research of your destination. If you realize that hotels or cruises for instance are not ADA-compliant, make appropriate arrangements in advance.

Replicate Routine

When planning a travel itinerary, try as much as possible to replicate the routine back at home. For instance, factor in the stamina of the person with disability. If the person with disability is more energetic in the morning hours, go sightseeing at that time. Additionally, avoid engaging in many activities in a day. Try to ensure that the routine resembles that of the person back at home as much as possible.

Buy the Right Insurance

Purchase a travel insurance that includes medical. It’s possible to have a travel insurance policy that covers financial losses only. It’s therefore important to ensure that you have an insurance policy that covers medical evacuation. This will help in case of a health emergency.

Choose a Travel Agent Carefully

Choose a knowledgeable and reputable travel agent that is willing to come up with an itinerary that works for a disabled person. A good agent will even advise you when selecting a hotel that is easily accessible and appropriate transportation. Choose an agent that will even help you select accessible destinations and attractions. This will make the overall travel experience better.

Pack Keenly

Make sure that you have packed everything that you will need during the trip. If you can borrow a wheelchair, don’t carry it. But, if this is not possible, carry it. Nevertheless, make sure that you have everything that will make the trip amazing for everyone.

Whether driving or flying, consider these tips and you will make traveling with disability easier for you and your loved ones.

Adventure Travel Explained

Adventure travel provides a great way to explore the universe and be active. However, there are risks of adventure travel that you should know before you go on a trip. What’s more, you need to prepare carefully to make your adventure trip safe and fun.

What is Adventure Travel?

Adventure travel is a form of tourism that entails going to remote locations, exploring and engaging in physical activities. In most cases, adventure travel includes extreme activities. These include caves exploration, mountain climbing, mountain biking, zip-lining, rock climbing, rafting, and bungee jumping.

Adventure travel is among the fastest growing trends in the travel industry. That’s because it provides a popular way to tour new places as well as test physical capabilities. Nevertheless, adventure travel activities present risks to human safety and health.

Adventure Travel Risks

Adventure travel activities both abroad and at home come with injury risk. This type of tourism entails traveling to remote locations where the unexpected can happen. Other risks may include lack of emergency response in case of an injury, unexpected changes in weather, and inadequate trauma care. These risks make ensuring safety of adventure travelers challenging. Rescue efforts are also difficult in case of an injury at remote locations.

What’s more, adventure travelers are exposed to outdoor risks that include bug bites and sunburn. Nevertheless, most activities that adventure travelers engage in are exciting, fun and safe. What’s important is to ensure careful and proper planning for the trip as well as following safety practices.

Preparing for Adventure Travel

Before you go on an adventure trip, talk to your doctor. Your doctor will recommend appropriate vaccinations and provide useful medical advice. It’s also important that you conduct research, get appropriate insurance, use a professional outfitter, and a tour guide. Essentially, take all necessary measures to ensure your safety throughout the adventure trip. Also let your loved ones know where you will be going and how to reach you in case the unexpected happens.  

A Guide for Traveling with Cancer

When traveling with cancer, you should be very careful.

That’s because:

  • You face a higher infection risk if you travel while receiving chemotherapy. This is the reason why some doctors recommend that cancer patients avoid traveling when receiving chemotherapy.
  • Air pressure and oxygen level changes at higher altitudes are dangerous for cancer patients. In fact, this is the reason why patients should avoid air travel 10 days after undergoing a surgical operation. Air travel is also associated with the risk of extreme swelling after lymph nodes removal.
  • Extended trips put cancer patients at the risk of blood clots. This can be life-threatening especially when the patient sits still for extended periods.
  • Cancer treatments lead to fatigue that tend to be severe in some patients. This limits the ability of an individual to travel.

Nevertheless, there are cases when a patient has no option but travel. Here is a guide for traveling with cancer that may make your trip safer.

Talk to Your Doctor First

It’s important that you talk to your doctor about your intention to travel. That way, you will know whether it’s really safe to travel .Your doctor will also share the necessary precautionary measures with you. They will also guide you on the right thing to do in case you feel ill when traveling. If necessary, the doctor will provide medication and advise you accordingly.

Conduct Extensive Research of Your Destination

Find out whether your destination has properly equipped cancer treatment facilities. This will enable you to know where to receive appropriate cancer treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Protect Your Skin

Radiation therapy and chemotherapy make the skins of cancer patients sensitive and vulnerable to sun damage. Sun damage effect can be permanent or temporary. It’s therefore important that you take appropriate measures towards protecting your skin against sun damage. For instance, wear sunscreen and hats while traveling outside.

Take Care of Your Medications

Take special care of your prescription medications. Basically, carry your medications in the carry-on bag. Also carry a note from your doctor explaining the necessity of special supplies such as injection needles and syringes. It’s also important that you carry a prescriptions’ copy and contact information of your doctor just in case you lose your medications.

Get Travel Health Insurance

Traveling with cancer doesn’t mean you can’t have insurance because you have pre-existing condition. It’s possible to get coverage for your trips including your right to reschedule or cancel the trip, interrupt it, or seek medical assistance when traveling. Simply talk to insurance providers to know your options and make a wise decision.

Follow these tips when traveling with cancer and you will have a safe and successful trip.  Feel free to check out one of my favorite traveling booking sites by clicking here.


The world’s most visited destinations

The one thing that is interesting to know is what is the most visited destinations in the world. The places that most tourists are going to. There are some destinations that are really popular and everyone knows about it. However, there are also some destinations that are popular, but only tourists that are traveling is knowing about it. These are the world’s most visited destinations that you want to add to your bucket list as well.


Bangkok is the most visited destination in the world. This is the city where everyone that is traveling a lot is going to, first. This is because of the number of things that are available in Bangkok and the different culture that you can find there.

If you are a frequent traveler and you weren’t in Bangkok yet, then this is the place that you should consider going to next. You will not regret this for sure.


London. The city of castles and history. The one place that many tourists are going each year because they just love the history of London. London is a city that isn’t as modern as other cities and this is making people curious. Especially, when it comes to the architecture of the buildings.

London is one of the most visited cities in the world. And, they have a really large amount of tourists attractions that are attracting tourists each year.


Paris. The city of love. The one city that is the most popular and where most people are dreaming of. To be able to travel to Paris with a partner and have the best possible time ever.

Paris has a lot of different things and tourist attractions that can be visited. Making this one of the best and most visited places in the world. People that are traveling abroad for their honeymoon is most likely to book their holiday at Paris.

New York

New York. The number one city in the world. The one city that everyone knows about, even if they have never visited this city before. This is also one of the most visited places in the world. And, if you are looking for a holiday where you can shop till you drop, then this is the city for you.

Even if New York is such a large city and even if there are so many tourists that are visiting this city, this is a city where time is running out really fast. Or, it might seem that way. Everyone is in a hurry, and this isn’t the place for someone that is looking for a relaxing holiday.

It is interesting to see which cities and other destinations are those that are getting the most visits each year from tourists. It doesn’t matter the reason for the trip to these destinations. This is the top destinations that you can go to, and that are getting hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. If you are looking for a destination that is the most visited, then these are the places to go to.