Safety Tips for Female Solo Travelers

A major concern for female solo travelers is their safety. Safety is also the reason some women never travel alone. However, this shouldn’t be the reason you will never go on a solo adventure if that’s something you have always yearned for. Here are safety tips to follow as a solo female traveler.

Dress Appropriately 

Dressing inappropriately is the simplest way to tell everybody that you’re a tourist. To avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourself, dress like the locals. When you stand out, you risk being a victim of travel scams. What’s more, dressing in some ways can be considered offensive. A good way to dress regardless of your destination is to cover the knees and the shoulders. Nevertheless, you can research what is considered appropriate before you travel. 

Trust the Gut Instincts 

Intuition has some power. If someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable, say no or walk away. Your guts could tell you that something is not right. Don’t ignore that natural whisper. Just walk away or say no. And, don’t fear to say no or disappointing somebody if something doesn’t feel right. 

Keep Your Valuables Safe 

Don’t carry valuables that you won’t use. It’s advisable to leave your valuables in a hotel safe. For instance, don’t carry your credit cards and money everywhere you go. Instead, lock them somewhere safe. 

Another way to determine whether you’re safe at any location is carrying a dummy wallet. This is a fake wallet with a little cash and canceled credit cards. Would-be thieves will be attracted to it thinking it has real valuables. 

Seek Advice from the Locals 

Talk to the locals about different attractions. Then local people will tell you more about places to avoid. You can do this using online platforms and communities. People that have traveled to some places can also share practical safety tips. 

Follow these safety tips for female solo travelers to avoid scam and safety-threats when traveling.